August 4, 2017



How Reliable is Wix & Weebly For Your Business?

In this article, we’re going to tell you why we don’t recommend using Wix and other similar sites such as Weebly for your business even if you’re now starting up. These simple-free-website, easy-to-set-up advertisers are basically selling you a page builder. You have a few tools to choose from and you’re allowed to move widgets around on the page and place them where you want. This is basically what you’ll get for a drag-and-drop interface. It seems cool and easy to use and you’re likely to have more control over what you’re doing but there’s a catch.

If you’re just looking for a very basic website that’s quick and easy to set up; if you’re not really tech savvy and you’re not really familiar with other content management systems like WordPress and Joomla then or maybe Weebly is a good choice.

Here are some reasons why interfaces such as Weebly and Wix may be a bad business deal for your website.


Free Means tons of Ads 

Wix offers a free website as a subdomain however it’s stamped with a very noticeable Wix ads promotion in the header and in the footer. Even after you publish your site Wix uses your site as a means to advertise for them.


If you want to remove ads from your Wix site you have to bump up to their next level of service which is their combo service.

Limited Options

The features of your site would be limited to what their site builder can do. You’ll probably get some basic themes to start with but if you’re an author and you don’t have any design experience, starting with a blank canvas will be extremely daunting. There are costs associated with extra customization features but probably the most disappointing is that there are NO UNLIMITED PACKAGES. Take for example storage space. The maximum is 2.5 gigabytes.  There is also no support for custom emails.


No Dedicated Server Options

What most people don’t know is that there are different types of hosting based on the type of server being used to host your website.  Let’s break that down a bit. There is shared hosting and dedicated hosting. Some even give you semi-dedicated hosting. More updated sites will give you virtual hosting. Nevertheless, shared hosting is the most popular and I’m pretty sure this is what you’re going to get with serves such as Wix. Shared hosting means you are sharing your server with many other individuals. Each client is given a certain amount of CPU usage a month. Dedicated hosting is very expensive hence the reason why so many are offering this form of hosting. Hosting providers such as  Kerjem Hosting, gives the consumer the flexibility to upgrade and downgrade to any type of hosting he or she desires.


No Scalability

Another problem we should mention at this time is ‘scalability’. If by chance you ever want to upgrade or migrate your site to another hosting provider for whatever reason, it’s almost near impossible to do so. To move your content over to a totally different platform or content management system is also going to be really difficult and time-consuming since you’ll have to copy and paste all your blog content from your articles one at a time and then start all over again.


No Back End Access

With these popular page builders, you  have absolutely no access to the back end of your site. You cannot control how your database is structured nor can you access the source code of your site to edit the HTML or CSS of the site. This causes an even bigger problem when it comes to optimization for search engines.


Lack SEO Depth

If you’re trying to compete for search engine results in Google,  Yahoo and Bing then Wix and Weebly is probably not the platform you should be using. You’ll need something robust when it comes to search engine rankings and online marketing.


Hefty Price Upgrades

To get the most out of Wix you’ll have to upgrade almost everything. Yet you are still limited even if you pay for their most expensive option. With your own domain name from your own host provider, you are not limited by anything except your imagination and you can get all that for this


Why we recommend WordPress Open Source Platform?

WordPress is a content management system but there are hundreds of themes and plugins to enhance the capabilities of your site tremendously.  You can always update WordPress and you can always change themes you can totally change the style but you’re never going to affect your content your articles and your pages are always going to be the same you just plug in a new theme and it’s going look totally different so you can rebrand anytime without having to start over from scratch.



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